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Clarity Intervention is a full-service addiction specialist that offers multiple levels and types of treatment to those who suffer from all types of addictive disorders or substance use disorders, including prescription drug addiction or addiction to medications, illicit drug addiction, alcohol use disorder or other substance use. Our individual substance use treatment services include quality, vetted referrals for treatment and therapies for addiction such as individual cognitive behavioral therapy providers, developing life skills and early recovery coping skills, case-management of medications, and information on evidence-based support groups or self-help groups. We also provide resources for individuals looking for a treatment or therapy program for drug addiction, drug abuse and substance use disorder. Questions? Calls are always free.  I want to help!

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Usually a series of phone consultations or meetings to identify the issue and formulate a plan to bring clarity and solutions to the problem.  If I can't help you I have a large network of highly respected and ethical providers I can point you toward.

If your loved one needs treatment I can organize the family and important people together to help hold a unified boundary which will ensure your loved ones hears the right message and takes the right steps forward.  I have worked closely with a number of excellent treatment centers throughout the entire country so that we know your loved one is in the right setting and getting the individualized attention they need and deserve.

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Case management is proven to improve treatment outcomes.  Throughout the process of recovery from addiction, case management plans include family work  and check ins while patient is in treatment and after.  All aspects of the treatment plan are managed and assessed and this service bridges all the components of success and holds everyone accountable and on track for success.

Family Consulting

Addiction is a disease and affects the entire family system.  Many members of the family have felt the panic during a crisis, or the fear of losing their loved one or the indecision of what the next right action is to keep everyone safe and happy.  Family consultation is a 24/7 resource for your family to help you see and act towards the best interest of your entire family.  Call today for a family assessment and treatment plan. (801) 735-5755

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About Me

Claire Groll

Owner of Clarity Consulting, a mental health referral and case management company. After countless interactions with families navigating through serious addiction or mental health issues with loved ones, I opened my own family consulting company. I actively train and work with leaders in the substance abuse industry as well as have years working in both adult and adolescent treatment centers.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and continuing education including working on a Master’s Degree in Social Work I have both a high-quality educational background as well as life experience with addiction from multiple perspectives. I bridge an important gap between treatment providers and the family in need. Your family can have a dedicated contact and liaison to ensure all questions, educational needs, and support needs are met throughout the process of addiction treatment. Allow me to utilize my wealth of resources to advocate for you and your loved ones.  If you are thinking about how to help yourself or someone you care about please call me for a consultation at any time.

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What Clients Have Said

My husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and went to rehab at 33. Claire helped me when my resentment was speaking louder than my love. I couldn't stay in the marriage if I had to be the nurse, therapist and wife so Claire swooped in for my husband too! She has away of pushing to go to meetings, attend appointments and do all the aftercare that doesn't feel like pushing.  She has helped us establish the road we're on and continues to guide us through it.

Jordie N.

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Contact Us

Questions or Need Information? The first step is to call us! Calls are always free and I want to help. Check out the bottom of our page for our contact information.

6000 W. Skyline Dr., Highland, UT 84003

(801) 735-5755

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